Committed to meeting your diverse needs

Diverse Senior Care offers companionship care services to provide company and assist seniors and other people with disabilities who live alone or are alone during the day when their family members are working or away. We aim to prevent feelings of loneliness or isolation that can lead to depression, anxiety, or poor physical health.

Through our companion services, our caregivers can provide social interaction for your loved ones and will support them with their hobbies and interests. We strive to fill their time with meaningful and stimulating activities, such as:

  • Playing card games
  • Playing bingo
  • Solving puzzles
  • Reading
  • Listening to their favorite tunes
  • Light gardening/Picking flowers

Our caregivers can also accompany your loved ones when attending events and shows, concierge services, and other social activities. To learn more about our companion care services, feel free to contact us.