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Alzheimer’s disease gradually robs our loved ones. Over time, symptoms will grow more severe, and our loved ones may lose their memory and cognitive skills until they are unable to perform their everyday tasks. The effects of the disease can overwhelm us, especially when it reaches the later stages. But with the proper help, we can give our loved ones the comfort and care they deserve.

Alzheimer’s home care is one of the services you can get for your loved ones. It is a specialized service distinct from traditional home care designed to meet the high-level care needs of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease to maintain and preserve their well-being and safety. With this specialized care, your loved ones can maintain their independence and do their daily routines in the comfort of their homes.

In Alzheimer’s care, we designed the care plan based on the unique challenges of the disease, as well as your loved ones care needs. The services will be provided by our qualified, knowledgeable, and compassionate caregivers. They are competent to do these tasks:

  • Encourages engagement for your loved ones
  • Helps them remain safe and calm at home
  • Provides nutritious meals
  • Creates social interaction
  • Provides mind-stimulating activities
  • Helps minimize changing behavioral & cognitive symptoms
  • Honors your loved ones’ individuality
  • Supports the family

If you have questions about this specialized care, please do not hesitate to call us. Our care staff members are ready to help you with your concerns.